BlackBerry Priv support has ended

The Priv was BlackBerry's first Android smartphone and it sported a bold design featuring a slideout keyboard. It debut in November 2015, and now two years later the Canadian company has announced that it is ending software support for Priv. 

This means it will not get future monthly security updates from BlackBerry. However, in case of a critical security vulnerability gets exposed, BlackBerry will deliver the necessary patches for the fix. It's worth mentioning that during the support period BlackBerry used to push the security update to the Priv monthly without fail.

Having said that, BlackBerry will continue to fulfill all warranty obligations for the Priv. 

The company also revealed that it will soon introduce a trade-up program for current Priv users, as well as for users with BB10 and BBOS device. Under the program, BlackBerry will offer discounts and incentives to Priv users to upgrade their device to a new Keyone or Motion.

Lastly, the company also confirmed that it will continue to support devices running BB10 and BBOS for atleast two more year. Unfortunately, some ancillary service will be discontinued such as the BlackBerry World app store (12/31/2019), the BlackBerry Travel site (February 2018), and the Playbook video calling service (March 2018). 


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BlackBerry Priv support has ended BlackBerry Priv support has ended Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/15/2017 04:11:00 PM
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