Facebook announces World Effects AR feature for Messenger

Facebook introduced native camera for Messenger exactly a year ago. And to mark the completion of one year, the social network has announced a new AR based feature, called World Effects, to its Messenger chat app. 

This feature will let you add real-time 3D objects you can interact with into your photos and videos within the camera frame and capture the moment with the native camera app.  The  technology is built on Facebook’s existing AR features like stickers, filters, masks, etc.

Initially a handful of World Effects like  floating heart, arrow, a 3D robot, and unicorn, word bubbles, like “love,” “bae,” “heart” and “miss you will be available. As mentioned earlier you can drop these world effects into your photo or video to make the moment playful, and share them with friends. For instance, add a 3D heart floating over someone's head  or adding a robot that plays three different kinds of music.

To add a World Effect, open the Messenger Camera from the inbox and then scroll to choose from the camera effects. Pick an effect and then tap to add it to your image.

Separately Facebook also said that it is expanding the AR Studio platform to general public. The platform was first introduced at Facebook's F8 developer conference in April this year and had only a limited number of creators. But now it is available for everyone, and Facebook will provide a set of creative tools, which can be used to create 3D digital objects that can be placed onto surfaces and interact with in their physical space.

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Facebook announces World Effects AR feature for Messenger Facebook announces World Effects AR feature for Messenger Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/13/2017 03:59:00 PM
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