Google's AR Stickers now available for Pixel phones

Google has finally released AR (augmented reality) stickers for its Pixel phones. To remind  you, the feature was previewed during the unveiling of Pixel 2 phones, but now it is rolling out to all Pixel users, given that the phone runs Android 8.1. Also you'll have to update  both ARCore and AR Stickers apps on your phone. The links to the apps are provided at the end of this post.

The AR stickers uses ARCore augmented reality platform, and allows you to add virtual character or playful emojis into your photos and videos using the camera app, to bring your favorite stories to life.  

To use AR stickers, open the camera app on your Pixel phone, slideout the side menu to access modes and switch to AR Stickers mode. Then choose a sticker pack and drop them into the scene. Currently, the AR stickers include characters and content from Stranger Things and Star Wars, as well as Foodmoji stickers, that include animated donuts, coffee cups and brocolli, but Google promises to add more sticker packs in the future.

After adding the sticker, you can then move, resize and rotate than, and interact with other characters in the scene. Once you capture a picture or video you can quickly and easily share with friends on social media as well.

Download: ARCore | AR Stickers | Source

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Google's AR Stickers now available for Pixel phones Google's AR Stickers now available for Pixel phones Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/12/2017 03:38:00 PM
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