GOQii 3.0 fitness band and GoQii health 3.0 platform announced

Homegrown fitness technology company GOQii is expanding its healthcare services with its version 3.0 and as part of it introduced a new GOQii 3 fitness tracker with improved features and Smart Preventive Family Health Care plans to bring better health and lifestyle solution for users.

The GOQii 3.0 fitness band sports a slimmer and sleeker design than its predecessor, and gets multi-touch color display with an improved sensor that can detect heart rate variability (HRV). The fitness band also supports Presence Plus, which is a networking feature. It will be available in January 2018, and the pricing will be revealed at the time. Also existing GOQii users can upgrade to the new fitness band at no additional cost.

Regarding the new Smart Preventive Health Care plans GOQii said “As our platform expands we are trying to fulfill the health care needs of an entire family instead of just an individual. There are a number of active players who have already enrolled their families on the platform for over two years. Based on this learning and experiences, we were prompted to introduce family care plans. We found that families who adopt healthy lifestyle together develop stronger family bonds and are more likely to accomplish their health goals,” 

GOQii's Smart Preventive Family Plan starts at Rs. 1,999 for up to two family members, and comes with a validity of three months. The three family member health care plan is priced at Rs. 3,499 and is valid for six months. The Rs. 4,999 is valid for one year, and covers up to four family members. 

The family plans connects, tracks and takes care of the family’s health with consultations by GOQii care team consisting of GOQii Coach, GOQii Doctors and GOQii health experts. People who enroll themselves for this service are also eligible to get Tax Savings under Sector 80D. The service will be rolled out in January 2018.

GOQii 3.0 also brings a puzzle based game called Game4Good that helps you improve cognitive skills, memory power and prevent brain disorder. The game is built into GOQii's app.

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GOQii 3.0 fitness band and GoQii health 3.0 platform announced GOQii 3.0 fitness band and GoQii health 3.0 platform announced Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/08/2017 11:45:00 PM
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