NVIDIA's $2999 Titan V is the world's most powerful PC GPU

NVIDIA has unveiled Titan V, its most powerful PC GPU ever created, which is built on the company's  most advanced Volta GPU architecture. The graphic card is designed for machine learning, big data analysis and artificial intelligence development.

The Titan V is a standard PCIe card manufactured on 12nm process and can achieve throughput of whooping 100 teraflops of power, which NVIDIA says has nine time more horsepower than its predecessor. It also includes Tensor cores, which are designed specifically for deep learning, with independent  integer and floating data patchs that can operate in parallel.

There are 640 Tensor cores and 5120 CUDA cores, and the GPU's base clock speed is 1200MHz. The speed can boost up to 1455MHz. The graphics card features 12GB of stacked HBM2 memory which operates at 1.7Gbps on a 3072-bit bus for a total bandwidth capacity of 652.8Bps.

The TDP is rated at the same 250W as previous Titan model, and users will need one 6-pin and one 8-pin power connectors. On the backplate it includes 3 x display port and a HDMI port.

As mentioned earlier the raw power of Titan V for AI and deep learning capabilities is driven by Volta architecture. According to NVIDIA, the Volta architecture "doubles the energy efficiency of the previous generation Pascal design, enabling dramatic boosts in performance in the same power envelope". We can expect NVIDIA to bring the Volta architecture to its gaming GPU line up as well. 

The Titan V is priced at $2999 and is available at NVIDIA’s website and is limited to two per customer.

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NVIDIA's $2999 Titan V is the world's most powerful PC GPU NVIDIA's $2999 Titan V is the world's most powerful PC GPU Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/09/2017 07:42:00 PM
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