OnePlus 5 will get 5T's face unlock function

Over the weekend OnePlus 5 users were in for a Christmas treat, as the company rolled out official Oreo update to the phone.

As an added bonus, OnePlus has also confirmed that OnePlus 5 will soon get support for Face Unlock facial recognition technology as well. To remind you, this feature was launched with the OnePlus 5T, and lets users unlock their phone with the help of the front facing camera. Face unlock for the OnePlus 5 will be rolled through software update.

Face recognition tech is not a new feature for smartphone, and has been out there for quite sometime. But after Apple introduced Face ID on the iPhone X, it has become a trend among smartphone makers. Some of the recently released Android phones such as Galaxy S8, vivo V7/V7+, Oppo F5, Honor View 10 comes with face unlock solution.

Having said that, on Android devices the face unlock feature is based on the software, while, Apple's Face ID depends on an array of on-board sensors to achieve techniques like depth mapping and faster projection. So OnePlus's take on face unlock solution is not as secure as Apple's, but it's faster and more flexible. For instance, the Galaxy S8 facial recognition tech can be hacked with a photo. 


Kaiser Bey
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OnePlus 5 will get 5T's face unlock function OnePlus 5 will get 5T's face unlock function Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/25/2017 04:45:00 PM
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