New OxygenOS Open Beta For OnePlus 3/3T Brings Face Unlock, Support For Airtel VoLTE & More

Towards the end of CES 2018, OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau told CNET in an interview that the OnePlus 3 and 3T will get the 5T's face unlock functionality in a future update. OnePlus is now living up to its promise with the OxygenOS Open Beta 30/21 for the OnePlus 3/3T. This new beta build includes the OnePlus 5T's critically acclaimed face unlock, support for Airtel's VoLTE services, the new OnePlus Switch application and an updated launcher. The OnePlus Switch application allows users to migrate their data from an old OnePlus device to a new one. If you wish to access OnePlus Switch, you can find it under Settings > Advance.

Here's the changelog:

  • Launcher Updated to v2.3
  • Drawer categories
    • You can see new categories when using the search icon in the drawer
  • Auto folder tagging
    • When you add applications that are similar, our system will help you automatically name the new folder you created
  • Dynamic Icon for Clock
    • The Clock icon is now dynamic
  • Notification dot optimization
    • The Blue notification dots present to notify you of a newly installed app will now be removed automatically after 15 days
  • Launcher usage tips improved
    • We’ve added some new helpful tips for first use of the launcher

  • Support for Airtel VoLTE in India
  • Face Unlock function added
  • Added OnePlus Switch application for backup & restore
    • We’ve added the new OnePlus switch app so moving your information to a new OnePlus device will be easier than ever
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

Airtel's VoLTE services are currently available in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (only in Chennai). If you reside elsewhere in India, you won't be able to make use of Airtel's VoLTE services until they are made available in your region. OnePlus has asked users to note that they might run into problems while using third party camera applications in this beta build.

With the last Open Beta build, it was discovered that some data was being exchanged with an Alibaba controlled server whenever the clipboard contents were updated (that is data was either cut or copied). This stirred up a controversy and made users believe that OnePlus was collecting clipboard data from their device without their consent. However, as we found later on, OnePlus did not have any intention of violating the privacy of any of its users. The data being transmitted was in fact meant to aid Chinese users. This was a feature which was meant for HydrogenOS, but was mistakenly included in OxygenOS. After OnePlus received flak from privacy concerned individuals, it promised to remove this feature in a future update. OnePlus has once again kept its word as it has gotten rid of that feature in this beta build.

If you are using a previous Open Beta build, you will soon be getting an update notification for this build. If you are using the stable version of OxygenOS or a different ROM, then you can refer to the download links in the source to know on how to install this beta build.

Source: OxygenOS Open Beta 30 for OnePlus 3 (installation instructions and downloads), OxygenOS Open Beta 21 for OnePlus 3T (installation instructions and downloads), OnePlus forum thread

[Image credits - Răzvan Băltărețu, Wikipedia]

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New OxygenOS Open Beta For OnePlus 3/3T Brings Face Unlock, Support For Airtel VoLTE & More New OxygenOS Open Beta For OnePlus 3/3T Brings Face Unlock, Support For Airtel VoLTE & More Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 1/16/2018 10:39:00 PM
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