Oreo Based Resurrection Remix Is Coming Soon

While various Oreo based ROMs have been available for some time, Resurrection Remix have taken their own sweet time to bake their ROM. The loyal fans of Resurrection Remix have constantly been enquiring the RR team regarding the availability of their Oreo based ROM and the RR team finally obliged to the fans' queries as they shared an update on the progress of their ROM.

Earlier today Resurrection Remix's developer Varun Date shared a teaser of the Oreo based version of the ROM. The screenshot below shows Android 8.1 based Resurrection Remix 6.0 running on the OnePlus 5T (codenamed dumpling).

As always, the developers have refused to provide an ETA for the availability of the ROM. All we know for now is that like last year the ROM will be released for multiple devices at the same time.

Theme designer Altan KRK recently updated his Substratum theme PitchBlack to version 42.4. The changelog for v42.4 mentioned improvements for Settings in "upcoming RR-O." It appears that the RR team is going all out to ensure that it's users have the best possible experience by giving themers access to the ROM well in advance. By the time RR-O will be released to the public, several themes would already be compatible with the ROM.

Source: Varun Date

[Image credit - Resurrection Remix]

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Oreo Based Resurrection Remix Is Coming Soon Oreo Based Resurrection Remix Is Coming Soon Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 1/29/2018 09:23:00 PM
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