Xposed Framework Is Now Available In Beta For Android Oreo

Xposed for Nougat took over an year to develop. The creator of Xposed framework rovo89 said that Android Nougat introduced several optimizations to the Android Runtime (ART), which required for major chunks of the Xposed framework to be rewritten and hence the long development time. When rovo89 released Xposed v88, he said that the general concept using which he got Xposed to work on Nougat should also work for Android Oreo. Last month, rovo89 reported that he had ported 95% of the code for Oreo and was working on the remaining 5%. The Xposed framework for Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 was released earlier today in beta.

Based on the processor architecture (arm, arm64, x86) and Android version (8.0 or 8.1), you can download the suitable Xposed framework for your device from here. If you wish to install Xposed on an Android 8.0 device, you will have to download the SDK26 framework. For Android 8.1 devices, you will have to use the SDK27 framework. Once you have downloaded the suitable Xposed framework, flash it from a custom recovery (like TWRP), wipe cache and dalvik cache and reboot the device. For uninstalling the framework (which you might have to do if you get stuck in a bootloop), download the uninstall flashable ZIP from here and flash it in your custom recovery. To manage the Xposed modules, you will need the Xposed Installer which can be found in the source of this article.

Since this a beta build, you might encounter bugs. In his post on XDA forums, rovo89 said that in his testing of the beta build, there were a few app crashes, but they weren't anything that would stop him from using his device. On a whole, rovo89 found the beta build to be stable enough to be used on a daily basis. rovo89 tested out the build on his Google Pixel running stock Android, so you can expect to get similar results (in terms of stability) if you use a ROM based on stock Android. This release of Xposed may or may not be compatible with custom skins of Android like EMUI.

rovo89 has urged users to report bugs on GitHub, if they come across one. rovo89 has also requested users to report only those bugs which can be reproduced. These bugs can include constant app crashes or bootloops.

With this release of Xposed framework, Xposed modules can no longer utilize the XSharedPreferences. This might be a challenge for the developers of Xposed modules to deal with. rovo89 suggested a workaround for this which involves loading preferences in initZygote(). rovo89 has promised that he will come up with better workarounds and alternatives once Xposed gets more stable.

Source: Xposed forum thread (refer to the attachment section for Xposed Installer), Xposed framework downloads

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Xposed Framework Is Now Available In Beta For Android Oreo Xposed Framework Is Now Available In Beta For Android Oreo Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 1/09/2018 04:58:00 PM
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