Dirty Unicorns 12.1 Released With April Security Patch, New Features & More

The Dirty Unicorns team released their first official Oreo 8.1 based builds last month. Since then Dirty Unicorns have released builds on a weekly basis for the supported devices. Dirty Unicorns have now released DU 12.1, which includes a plethora of new features and fixes over DU 12.0.

The list of changes is quite big. Here's the changelog.

– Merged in latest tag for AOSP security updates
– Made necessary changes to ship User builds
– Fixed changelog not loading after SSL certification
– Fixed smartbar media arrows not showing sometimes
– Fixed potential Smartbar FC for buttons custom application
– Fixed Pulse disappearing sometimes after skipping tracks
– Fixed Miracast on all our devices
– Fixed toast covered by PIN code screen after wrong pin
– Fixed ANR problem when enable/disable NFC button
– Fixed always-on VPN sync problem
– Fixed Dialer lag issue
– Fixed calling issue with 3rd party dialers
– Fixed keyguard endless layout issue with expanded desktop
– Slim Recents fixes
– Expanded Desktop fixes
– Launcher 3 fixes
– Gallery fixes
– Fruity Pebbles fixes/changes (built-in themes)
– Change QS rows from 5 back to 3
– Set statusbar round corners padding conditionally (Pixel 2XL)
– Ensure that the settings icons are adapting to the accents
– Improve the VPN QS footer layout
– Increase the padding between signal and battery icons
– Show versions when installing or updating packages
– Improve scrolling cache
– Enable InCallUI sustained performance mode
– Improve slimrecents toggling reliability
– Added SlimRecents album art as player card while playing music
– Added DUI compatibility for Tasker and other activities
– Added QS right/left padding even if it’s 0 for collapsed statusbar
– Added pinch-in gesture on tasks to Clear All to AOSP recents
– Added prompt for location permission in Gallery2
– Added back the ticker scroll
– Added QS pulldown with one swipe on FP sensor for devices that support it
– Added roaming indicator switch
– Added a one time QS dialog for the theme tile
– Added QS tile titles visibility mod
– Added QS panel transparency mod
– Added dark notifications with dark built-in theme
– Added ability to select custom editor app for editing screenshots
– Added QS tile animations
– Added package name to installed app details
– Added font manager
– Added music info to Slim Recents cards / tint card based on album art
– Added change to use Auto brightness for Ambient Display
– Added option to scramble PIN layout when unlocking
– Added clean cache script to avoid jank originating from /data/system/package_cache/
– Added translations

If this changelog wasn't enough for you, you can refer to Dirty Unicorns' Gerrit for the complete list of changes. With DU 12.1, Dirty Unicorns have added two devices to their roster. These are the Moto Z2 Force (to be maintained by Josh Correll) and Pixel 2 XL (to be maintained by Edwin Rivera). With the addition of the new devices, Dirty Unicorns now officially support twelve devices.

At the time of writing this article, the official builds of DU 12.1 were available for the Moto G5 Plus, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, Pixel 2 XL, OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 5, and OnePlus 5T. Builds for HP TouchPad and Moto Z2 Force were not yet available. The build for the Moto Z2 Force had earlier been uploaded but was taken down after a few issues were discovered. The download links for the stable builds can be found at the link in the source. DU 12.1 can be dirty flashed over any of the DU 12.0 builds. If you are coming to Dirty Unicorns from another ROM then you will have to wipe the system, data, cache and dalvik cache partitions for the ROM to boot.

If you run into issues with the stable builds, report them at the Dirty Unicorns' JIRA with a logcat. To know how to take a logcat, refer to Nathan Chancellor's tutorial here.

Source: Dirty Unicorns Blog, Dirty Unicorns Downloads

[Featured image credits - Dirty Unicorns]

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Dirty Unicorns 12.1 Released With April Security Patch, New Features & More Dirty Unicorns 12.1 Released With April Security Patch, New Features & More Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 4/07/2018 11:12:00 PM
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