Swift Installer Allows You To Theme Samsung Oreo Devices Without A PC

For theming their devices on Nougat, Samsung users had to make use of the Substratum theme engine along with Sungstratum. Sungstratum is an add-on which was designed by the Substratum developers to enable certain features for Samsung's Nougat based user interface of Experience UI. The use of Substratum with the add-on Sungstratum allowed Samsung users to theme their devices without the need of root. However, after Samsung released Oreo, the Substratum team didn't continue development of Sungstratum and asked Samsung users to move over to Andromeda, Substratum's add-on for theming Oreo without the requirement of root. The only hassle of theming with Andromeda is that you need a PC to switch themes.

The developers behind the popular Swift Substratum themes - Swift Black, Swift Dark, and Swift Light - have come up with an alternate method to apply themes on Samsung devices running Oreo, and this method doesn't require a PC. Swift Installer is an all-in-one package that consists of a theme and an overlay builder/installer. The app allows the user to select an accent color and a background color. Based on the user input, Swift Installer automatically generates overlays for the apps that can be themed. If the user has root access, the overlays will be installed automatically; else, the user will have to manually install each generated overlay. The process of installing an overlay is same as installing an APK file. Once the overlays have been generated, the user will be prompted to install each overlay manually using the Package Installer. Just like the Swift themes, the Swift Installer can theme more than 150 apps, so installing dozens of overlays manually would be boring and time-consuming, but in return, the user will get an interface customized to their utmost liking. A reboot is required to apply the overlays.

The overlays can easily be updated once they have been installed. There is often a need to update the overlay of an app once its newer version has been released. Going by the past, the Swift developers usually update their themes within a couple of days. So, you can expect quick updates to Swift Installer. After updating Swift Installer, the app's 'Update System' will notify you only about the overlays that need to be updated, and the updates to overlays will be installed via the Package Installer.

Swift Installer is independent of the Substratum theme engine and the Swift themes. The installer is built specifically for Samsung devices, while Substratum and Swift themes are made for any Oreo powered device having an interface close to stock Android. Samsung users can continue to apply Swift themes using Andromeda, but Swift Installer runs without a PC and gives the user infinitive color choices. The user can enter any hex color code for either the accent or background color.

It is recommended that you uninstall all Substratum overlays before applying overlays from Swift Installer. Substratum can be used alongside Swift Installer. If you won't be using any other theme with Swift Installer, you can uninstall Substratum.

You can grab Swift Installer from the Play Store for Rs 99 (or $1.5 USD). In case you run into issues, you can always ask the developers for help on Telegram or contact them via email.

Krittin Kalra
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Swift Installer Allows You To Theme Samsung Oreo Devices Without A PC Swift Installer Allows You To Theme Samsung Oreo Devices Without A PC Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 5/08/2018 12:22:00 AM
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