Vivo Nex S & LG G7 Go Under JerryRigEverything's Hammer, Emerge Mostly Unscathed

JerryRigEverything is a YouTube channel run by Zack Nelson which has made a reputation for performing durability tests on smartphones. The tests include scratching, burning and bending the smartphone. The LG G7 and Vivo Nex S were launched in May and June respectively. Nelson put both the flagship smartphones to the test; let's see how each of them fared up.

Begining with the scratch test of the screen, the Gorilla Glass-protected G7 started getting scratched at level six, which is on par with other smartphones. The scratch test also confirmed the metal sides and buttons. The rear camera lens and the back of the G7 are both made of glass, and there is a metal lip around the rear camera protruding out of the phone's body.

The fingerprint scanner continued to work even after it was scratched heavily. In the burn test, the G7's screen lasted seven seconds after which the burnt pixels turned black. However, since this is an IPS LCD screen, the pixels recovered to their original state, but the oleophobic coating covering the pixels was compromised. The bend test showed the sturdy build quality of the G7. The phone flexed only a little when it was bent from either the front or the back.

The unique selling point of the Nex S is its bezel-less display without a notch. To extend the display, Vivo made the front camera retractable, and it vibrates the screen to simulate the earpiece. The concept of vibrating the screen to produce sound is similar to the piezoelectric motor we saw in the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The fingerprint scanner is embedded under the display.

Nelson described the build quality of the motorized front camera as "very solid". When the camera was out of the phone's body and excessive pressure was applied from the top, the camera retracted back into the phone's body. However, on application of little pressure, the camera dipped a bit and then sprung back up. Nelson also tried to block the retracting motion of the camera by applying pressure on the sides, but the phone managed to pull the protruding camera back inside.

As for the earpiece, Nelson has shown in the video how voice calls from both the iPhone 8 (which has an actual earpiece) and the Nex S sound. The in-display fingerprint scanner worked even after the screen was scratched. In the other tests, the Nex S fared pretty much like the G7.

The Nex S has an AMOLED screen, unlike the G7's LCD. The screen lasted sixteen seconds under Nelson's lighter, and the burnt pixels didn't recover. Talking about the screen, Vivo doesn't mention Gorilla Glass protection, but there is a plastic screen protector on each side of the phone. The scratch test showed the screen scratching at level six. The Nex S flexed more than average but it still managed to hold its shape.

Krittin Kalra
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Vivo Nex S & LG G7 Go Under JerryRigEverything's Hammer, Emerge Mostly Unscathed Vivo Nex S & LG G7 Go Under JerryRigEverything's Hammer, Emerge Mostly Unscathed Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 7/14/2018 01:46:00 AM
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