A Comprehensive Review on Nozzle.io: All SERP data at your doorstep


How do you find your website's ranks on Google? Do you write the keyword in Google, tap the results and note your rank in the spreadsheet.

It's workable but not ideal if a greater number of keywords are to be tracked. Here’s where the SERP trackers come into play. SERP means - Search Engine Results Page. All that you wish to track can be simply entered and monitored by the tool. Nozzle.io is one such tool you can utilize to make your work efficient.

Let’s review the tool and see what it has got for us.

What is nozzle?

Nozzle provides more accurate business SERP data than most of the other tools in the business. SERP data is the data that we see on the search engine page after a user enters a search term. In addition to organic search results, SERPs generally feature pay-per-click advertisements. Using Nozzle, you can easily rank at the top of both organic search results as well as devise an effective strategy for your ad campaigns that keeps your budget to the minimum (use Nozzle to search for multiple PPC keywords related to your niche, determine the ones that have good volume and low CPC, and run your ad on those).

Nozzle.io tracks your whole brand and unlimited domain matches, including social media accounts. There isn't any limit on the number of competitors you can track (unlike Ahrefs and Ubersuggest). This software allows you to track as much as you want, in each monthly plan. Now you can be the in-charge of your SERP.



Nozzle provides monthly & annual packages for two kinds of users –

1] Small and Medium Business (SMB)

Subdivided into Basic, Advance, Pro and Pro Plus.



2] Enterprise

Subdivided into Business Basic, Business Advance, Business Pro and Enterprise.



Nozzle also provides a free trial for new users.


1] Brand Tracking & Monitoring

You are bound to a single site using most of the SERP tracking software. But Nozzle helps in tracking as many domains as you desire. Nozzle makes it easier to track brands, properties, and URLs through multiple sites rather than with single domains.

If this is insufficient, Nozzle will even allow you to create custom rules as specific as you like. These characteristics allow Nozzle to do a strong competitive analysis among rival brands, different features, and also URLs.

2] Useful Analysis

Do you know who your competitors are? If no then just check the share-of-voice dashboard in your Nozzle tool to know the unknown competitors by domain, subdomain, and URL which will be detected instantly.

If you are satisfied with what you see, you can include them as a designated competitor, and all your historical information is rewritten to incorporate your new rival.

Also, in contrast to the monitoring of individual domains, it is simple to follow brand movements on Nozzle. By brand, property or even URL, you may do aggregate or comprehensive comparisons, whatever necessary as you feel.

3] Flexible Planning

Every keyword is not the same. That's why the Nozzle is the first and only software that enables flexible and real-time planning for search engines.

Nozzle will let you divide your keywords into as many distinct scheduling buckets as you like rather than forcing you to pay equal costs to track your long-tail keywords as a head term.

Every day, every hour, or also every 5 minutes, you may precisely monitor your keywords, but also watch for thousands more by planning them weekly or monthly, with no extra expense.

4] Multiple Domain Check

To analyze your website and social media traffic in one place, you can link your social media accounts with your website in the Nozzle dashboard.

If you want to check how your Twitter account works with certain terms, just modify the brand property that you want to review on Nozzle.

You can see your YouTube channel to see how your videos are being ranked by the Domain Comparison tool or even how your competitors are performing.

5] SERP Data

Nozzle may show you information that is out of the box for many other tools, that you probably can't even imagine.

Adjusted Rank (Organic rank of a website) and Pixel Height (which shows the percentage of screen space a brand link covers) are only a few examples of the vast information Nozzle makes available for analysing SERP.

With these very important facts, you may perform numerous things.



1] There is a significant price change in the monthly and annual plan in both SMB and Enterprise.

2] The complex stats and analysis are thorough but sometimes may be overwhelming for a new user or someone who works on simplicity. 

3] Lack of online tutorials. 

4] Complex UI


Why nozzle?

Nozzle will help you know where precisely your Google SERP site is in comparison to all of your competitors and how your ranking is changing. It is helpful to find out exactly how Google ranks your website for certain keywords and to watch your opponents’ growth.

The UI cannot be easily learned; however, their placement analysis is very amazing. You may compare yourself with as many competitors as you wish with a keyword credit system.

That is extremely beneficial. You may pick the number of times you track a term so that the number of pulls you may utilize is better administered each month.


1] RankTrackr

2] Link Assistant

3] SEMRush

4] Serpstat

5] Moz


All in all, Nozzle is a great tool for monitoring your SERPs, tracking your competitors, and analyzing your brand across multiple domains which will help you know your strengths and weaknesses which will in turn help you to grow your business. You also have a wide range of options in the pricing tier that you can choose as per your budget and requirements. This tool is surely worth it and you must give it a try. Who knows, it may change the online scene of your brand for good!

Tanmay Kokate
Tanmay is a passionate content creator and creative writer who is fond of software, applications, and SaaS products. He holds a Physics degree and is enthusiastic about H=history and astronomy He calls himself a 'knowledge seeker'.
A Comprehensive Review on Nozzle.io: All SERP data at your doorstep A Comprehensive Review on Nozzle.io: All SERP data at your doorstep Reviewed by Nationalastic Changer ! on 9/30/2021 12:39:00 AM
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