A Comprehensive Review for Magic Sales Bot - READ THIS BEFORE BUYING!

Magic Sales Bot is an AI powered writing tool that helps its clients get personalized introductions for their prospects. This is done by digging deep into the internet to get all relevant information about the prospect and then curating it into something meaningful that attracts your prospects' attention. 

AI has brought a revolution in the copywriting space and we see a number of tools getting manufactured every day. 

And that's what the problem is! 

Choice creates a problem or I should say a dilemma! It's difficult to choose the best from an array of products and services and  that is why I'm here to give a comprehensive review on Magic Sales Bot so that you can choose the best for yourself! 

So let's first get into knowing the target audience of this tool and some of its features. 

Target Audience:

Magic Sales Bot  is the most suitable tool for sales representatives, the owner being himself a former sales representative. This tool helps the sales representatives to understand their client's preferences and personalize their needs. 

The following features make this tool even more effective:

Extensive Search: 

Magic Sales Bot pulls the publicly accessible data about the prospects from sources like LinkedIn, Apollo, Bing, Google, Clearbit and NerdyData. By scouring the internet this tool helps in curating the best personalized intros for their clients' prospects. 

Lightning speed: 

This tool generates content with lightning speed. 


Magic Sales Bot is a tool with ultimate accuracy. The content generated have no errors be it, punctuation, spelling or grammar.

Output Quality:

The output generated with Magic Sales Bot is of top-notch quality with zero plagiarism and unique content.


Apart from the services it provides, this tool is super affordable. It has a differential pricing system and the  businesses and sales representatives can choose the best plan according to their needs and preferences and can even use it for FREE. 

To know more about Magic Sales Bot, let's get into its user interface, utility and pricing system. 

User Interface:

As soon as you sign up for an account on Magic Sales Bot,  the main dashboard appears.

For a free account you get 10 credits and you can generate content in 10 free trials. 

It shows a "Prospect URL" bar where you can enter your prospect's LinkedIn Profile or Company Website. In order to increase personalization, there are other options like entering your company's name and giving a brief description of your company's vision and mission and the target role. 

This helps in creating even more customized emails for your prospects with a high level of creativity! 


This tool is super convenient to use. Just enter what you're trying to sell and hit the submit button! 

Let's have a demo of how this tool works.

STEP 1. 

Select your prospect. Here we take the LinkedIn Profile of Bill Gates. Enter the profile link in the URL bar.


Now mention your company's name and the product you're trying to sell. Try to give a one liner or two for your company's description to get better results.


Now click the "Generate intro" button and you'll get personalized samples of relevant introductions based on your prospect's LinkedIn activity in just seconds.  You can also regenerate the results as many times as you want.


Magic Sales Bot has some affordable and luxury plans for all its diverse customers. These can be subscribed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. 

First, it allows its users to access its features with 10 free credits for $0/month. It's a free trial without any credit card requirements. 

Second, it has a monthly plan at just $49/month which gives unlimited access to its users. It provides features like writing emails based on LinkedIn profiles, company websites, news articles and social media accounts and a live chat support from the owner of the company Mr Ryan Doyle. 

Third, it has a quarterly plan for its users which provides unlimited access to all of its features at just $129/quarter. 

And fourth, it has an annual plan for just $469/year which provides unlimited AI written emails based on LinkedIn profiles, company websites, news articles and live chat support, unlimited usage on the platform and the owner's personal attention. 


Magic Sales Bot  provides priority support to all its users which helps them to have a hassle free experience. It also has a live chat support option for its subscribers. 



Summing up, I enjoyed using this tool. It is really easy to use, quick, and robust.

The accuracy, grammar, and content were of top-notch quality. No plagiarism was detected. This is what I like the most about this tool. The content was original and overall it's a very efficient tool that has the ability to multiply your productivity. 

It's amazing how it leverages AI and helps its clients get premium content in just seconds and because of its working efficiency and uniqueness, it stands out from other tools.  

Magic Sales Bot is definitely doing magic with its AI powered wand!

Samantha Paul
Samantha is a SaaS fan who is always on the lookout for great software and lifetime deals. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, Samantha prefers Windows to Mac and Android over iOS. You will see her articles here and we hope that you find them useful and informational.
A Comprehensive Review for Magic Sales Bot - READ THIS BEFORE BUYING! A Comprehensive Review for Magic Sales Bot - READ THIS BEFORE BUYING! Reviewed by Samantha Paul on 9/02/2021 03:00:00 PM
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