A Comprehensive Review on ContentBot.ai - Is it worth it?


Content is a precious commodity; the more you create, the more people you can engage. However, generating fresh material takes a significant amount of effort, creative skills, and time. Entrepreneurs have to concentrate on 100 other areas of developing their firm in addition to content creation. The answer to this problem is an A. I content writing tool. Users can create material with the use of a content-generating tool. A. I based copywriting tool can help you establish new kinds of records for your organization and drive your growth by delivering services that assist entrepreneurs produce new and consistent content. We will be reviewing a similar top in its category product called ContentBot and find out how can it help us in achieving our content needs.

What is ContentBot?

ContentBot is an AI-powered content writing tool that does more than just write your content for you. It is a completely automated content generation tool that allows customers to generate their unique pieces of writing by just entering crucial data. This programme, in addition to GTP-3 OpenAI, employs some of their own AI generations known as Tiny Seed AI, which operates on an alternate AI-based platform.

It has lately begun to provide the capability to produce full-length articles using its services, as well as an additional text editor tool to complete the created material, AI will finish any phrase you start typing into the notepad. There are several templates accessible, such as listicle templates, social media post templates, blog templates, and so on.

How does ContentBot work?

When users first begin, they must register an account and enter some basic information. This AI's characteristics are all incredibly human-like. The interface will create a highly human-like answer to the queries you would ask when producing content and determining its quality.

All material will include important keywords to help it stand out on social marketing sites, as well as be grammatically accurate which are related to the users' relevancy and customisation.

How to use ContentBot?

ContentBot is a free service. You can use it by inserting your text in the box provided on the website and pressing the "Process Text" button. The output can be seen in the section "Processed Text". At the moment, ContentBot can produce up to 5000 words of high-quality material in a matter of minutes with no assistance from you. 

It is built on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, which allows it to examine the content and arrange the words in a way that produces highly relevant and useful material. You also get a daily email from ContentBot about new ideas and topics, Now how cool is that!


ContentBot costs as little as $29 a month for unlimited credit and access to most of the tools at the time of writing. For $79 per month, you can get a bigger monthly quota of blog entries as well as a 'paragraph rewriter.' This rewriter, similar to a content spinner, allows you to rewrite whole articles.

 ContentBot offers an endless free account as opposed to the restricted 3 or 7-day trial given by other similar applications. This is quite beneficial for small writers and businesses.

Features and Benefits of using ContentBot-

1] Blog Post Intros - 

Use ContentBot to make a good first impression on your readers. If you're usually trying to come up with a catchy beginning paragraph for your blog, this is a great tool for you.

2] Blog Outline Generator - 

Using the Blog Outline Tool, you can quickly develop ideas for subjects and subtopics for your blog. Using this tool, you may create a consistent framework for your blog entries and articles.

3] Originality - 

ContentBot's generated material is 95 per cent unique, therefore originality is not an issue as such. This will help you stand apart from your rivals and eliminate any plagiarism or duplication of someone else's work issues.

4]  Generate Content in Seconds – 

ContentBot can produce simple and relevant material depending on your theme and the descriptions you provide the AI of what you're writing about in seconds. By enlisting the assistance of ContentBot's Ai writing helper to help you come up with a range of thoughts on your topic, you may save countless hours of writing time.

5] 25+ Writing Tools - 

Do you have more than 25 writing tools at your disposal that you may utilise for certain purposes? Do you need to create a newsletter for your email marketing campaigns? That's right. Do you have to produce headlines and paragraphs for your website? Not an issue. Do you require an engaging product or service description or copy? ContentBot has the appropriate tool for you.

6] WordPress Plugin -

ContentBot is the first artificial intelligence writing tool to provide a WordPress plugin. This means you may use ContentBot right in your Gutenberg editor rather than visiting a new tab and login into their website to utilise their AI authoring tool.

Drawbacks of ContentBot-

1] Clumsy Pricing-

Oddly, there's such a big difference between the pricing tiers. It's a big jump from $29 to $79! There should have been a mid-tier option. The price is still competitive; just that the tiers should be tweaked so that they make more sense from the consumer's perspective. Also, it is odd that ContentBot does not provide a discount for subscription to an annual package, as much of the other AI writing tools do.

2] Mediocre full blog post-

We can't claim it's an excellent piece of long content generator but part of it makes logic and would considerably accelerate your writing process. It may not seem organic, but it was created by a robot. This information would require extensive modification and formatting before it could be used. However, ContentBot has outperformed the majority of the technologies in terms of long-form article generation.

3] Space for development in the software-

You'll appreciate ContentBot's direction, and it shows a lot of promise in a relatively new sector like AI article authoring. But, the text generated, particularly from their non-GTP-3 alternatives, maybe woefully inadequate at times, forcing you to regenerate material much more frequently than on other sites. However, they are on the right track, and you can anticipate them to improve with time.

Who should use ContentBot ?

 Marketers who would like to create engaging content and copy for their goods and services, advertisements, websites, and so on.

Copywriters, bloggers, and content writers who wish to produce high-quality material while also speeding up their writing process with an AI writing tool.


1] Writecream  -

Writecream is a cutting-edge AI-powered branding tool that utilises powerful system learning to create content for you - for Google advertising, landing sites, product descriptions, blog posts, social media, and more. Furthermore, Writecream may be used to create appealing, tailored intro for outbound marketing efforts.

2] Copysmith-

Copysmith, powered by AI and trained on high-performing copy, will assist you in driving growth at unparalleled quality and speed. All templates may be found here. Rewriter of Content Rewrite the material you enjoy as soon as possible.

3] ClosersCopy  -

This is another all-around great AI-based copywriting tool with a plethora of features and templates. There is also a lifetime offer available for a short period that represents excellent value for money.

4] copy.ai-

Copy AI is intended to take the tedium out of coming up with distinctive ad concepts. It will assist you in increasing your ROAS by assisting you in creating appropriate audience-based copy that your consumers will find difficult to reject.


This copywriting tool, at the very least, assists you in creating material, but every other tool does the same thing. What distinguishes ContentBot is its limited but decent selection of templates, which offer you with useful features and ideas in a little period of time. Aside from that, it also employs its own AI content authoring tool, which is rather impressive. This is one feature that distinguishes ContentBot from the competition.

Certainly, in this case, there are other alternatives available, which may be confusing at times, but you can look forward to continuing with ContentBot since it is worth a chance. Do let me know in the comment section how was the article and feel free to ask any questions you have regarding ContentBot or A. I writing software .

Tanmay Kokate
Tanmay is a passionate content creator and creative writer who is fond of software, applications, and SaaS products. He holds a Physics degree and is enthusiastic about H=history and astronomy He calls himself a 'knowledge seeker'.
A Comprehensive Review on ContentBot.ai - Is it worth it? A Comprehensive Review on ContentBot.ai - Is it worth it? Reviewed by Nationalastic Changer ! on 8/30/2021 07:46:00 PM
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