A Comprehensive Review on Frase.io- READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!


As global internet accessibility increases day by day, the web is booming with thousands of new websites on a daily basis. The competition in all fields has grown due to this excessive crowding of online players. So, to stand out from this swarm you need to build a good website. And for that, you will need good content which can attract more traffic. However, merely putting out good content is not enough. If there is no one who will read this content, what's the use? This is where SEO comes into the picture. Having a good SEO will ensure your content reaches more eyeballs and your website gets more traffic.

To triumph in SEO, you must write about topics that are in high demand but haven't been covered much by the competition before. This procedure is time-consuming and labour-intensive. If you don’t wish to engage in this hard work, a smart solution is available in the form of Frase, an AI-powered content platform. This will make the process effortlessly easier but at the same time also amazingly effective. You get your content ready in no time with minimum effort. Want to know how? Let's see.

What is Frase?

Frase's AI technologies help you to detect the problems that your target audience asks online, and then quickly create and optimise content to solve their queries.

Frase Answers, an AI chatbot, scans your whole website to build an intelligent knowledge base and provides immediate answers to interested or confused site visitors via a chat option.

It  responds to your website visitors' queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enhancing user experience and giving you more time to focus on operating your business. The amount of time a user spends on your website - called as session time - is a crucial SEO parameter. The more the session time, the higher are the chances the content on the website is useful for the reader. Frase helps in improving the user session time.

Besides, it automatically creates in-depth content briefs and suggests how you can optimize your existing content further to rank on the first page of Google search results.

How does Frase work?

Frase is among the pioneering AI-powered SEO tools. It interprets, understands, and learns online material using Machine Learning techniques and Natural Language Processing.

This enables it to efficiently produce appropriate material summaries.

When you type for a term on Frase, for example, ‘Online Business,' it searches the Internet for topics and queries that are most related to your question. It then produces article summaries, comprehensive content briefings, and highlights data on that topic from various publications.

This info is highly useful when researching, creating or curating content on a website.

Features/ Advantages-

1] Content Research and Creation-

Frase assists by producing content briefs based on themes covered by your rivals. These are known as "documents". In a document, there is a content editor where you can simply add, delete, or update information.

Frase will also offer you quick competitor analysis, including what your rival wrote about, subjects covered, a synopsis of each topic, and frequent questions addressed in their articles.

Frase will also give you data such as the average word count, average links, and average sections from these sites. If you outsource content, Frase's research tools can help you create better content briefs for your authors. You will never have to do research and write a content brief from start again!


2] Answer Engine-

If you would like to deliver material in a targeted manner or guide visitors via an answer channel, Frase's Answer Engine is for you. This programme scans your website right from the blog to the landing page in a matter of minutes to generate an intelligent knowledge base.

When a web user asks a question, Frase's response helper responds immediately.

Do you want to increase targeted traffic to your blog? Utilize Frase's unique call-to-action to provide a response and then follow up with a related blog article. Frase even scans your website automatically once a week to guarantee your answers are always updated.

3] Question Ideas-

It takes a long time to investigate the questions of your target audience. Your search for a term on Quora, evaluate the results and choose the most relevant questions. Then you compile them into a new document. Afterwards, you return to Reddit and repeat the process. And if you're Googling then you will be stuck with loads and loads of information.

But you may now cross this tiresome activity off your to-do list and assign it to Frase.

You may search for a wide keyword phrase under the “Question Ideas” page, and Frase will display you a long list of frequently asked questions relating to that given keyword.

This is beneficial since it allows you to locate topic ideas for writing about that your clients are looking for. You may produce an article briefly with the press of a button from this website!

4] Content Optimization-

You may develop new SEO-focused content using Frase. What's more, you may optimise your published material for a certain keyword! If you want to optimise a published post on your website, all you have to do is input a keyword followed by the URL of the content. It will be imported into the Editor as a result of this.

Next, it will compare your content to the top 20 ranked pages on Google and make suggestions for changes. As you continue to make the recommended adjustments, your topic score rises. This makes your content stand out from the crowd and enhances your chances of ranking first in Google Search. That will in turn generate more traffic to your website. 


1] No Mobile App-

As of now, it does not have any mobile or desktop applications. Only the web version is available.

2] Answers Limit-

While reviewing the AI content tool, one disadvantage that struck out was the monthly answer restriction under the Answer Engine package.

At 500 responses per month, a website that receives 20,000 visits per month based on the assumption that a typical online visitor asks 4-5 questions. The user would soon deplete all his answer quota.

3] Accuracy-

Although Frase is a useful tool, it lacks precision in keyword recommendations at times when compared to other tools such as MarketMuse. It's a useful tool, but when compared to others, it falls short.


The annual plan for Frase starts at $39.99 per month.

It only has one user and 30 documents each month. It's ideal for freelance content marketers and small business owners who only take on a few assignments each month.

Frase provides a free trial. If you're not clear if it's the ideal tool for you. You should give a shot at this free trial.

The Growth and Answer Engine plans may be a better fit for agencies and businesses that create content daily.



You may create a list of target keywords for organic search. MarketMuse Site Analysis can help you detect content gaps on your website. To produce content, use your major keywords and topic ideas.

2] Surfer-

Surfer is a Content Intelligence platform that combines content planning, development, and optimization into a streamlined process - assisting content teams in growing their brands, organic traffic, and income.

3] Semrush-

Semrush is a top software-as-a-service platform for online visibility management. Include over 50 online visibility management solutions, tools, and add-ons, such as search, social networking, content, and market research data resources.


Hope that you liked this Frase Review post and learned more about this SEO tool Frase. If you still got any doubts, just use the comments section and I will try to answer them.

But coming to the important question- should you buy Frase?

Well, Frase is fantastic for producing content briefs. It has the potential to reduce your content development time by at least 50%. With a few clicks, Frase provides you with all of the crucial information in one location.

It also works well for updating existing material.

Therefore, if you're a content strategist with a staff of freelance content writers and require automated research, this SEO tool will undoubtedly make your job much simpler.

Tanmay Kokate
Tanmay is a passionate content creator and creative writer who is fond of software, applications, and SaaS products. He holds a Physics degree and is enthusiastic about H=history and astronomy He calls himself a 'knowledge seeker'.
A Comprehensive Review on Frase.io- READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!  A Comprehensive Review on Frase.io- READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY! Reviewed by Nationalastic Changer ! on 9/04/2021 01:50:00 PM
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