CES 2015 : LG Shows Off Dual-Edge P-OLED Display Smartphone

At the ongoing CES 2015, LG revealed the new flexible phone LG G Flex 2, however the company had more surprise.

Korean site inews24 posted picture of LG's new prototype smartphone with dual-edge display and curved on two sides. The device was shown at a private event during CES 2015.
Last year Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which had one side covered by curved display.

LG Display's press statement had announced that it will showcase some  "Leading Technology, Great Design and Picture Quality, and Differentiation" at its private showroom to select customers.

The prototype LG smartphone features 6-inch HD display with a disappointing 720p resolution. It sports a 'Active Bending' P-OLED display. P-OLED display technology was first seen in the LG G Flex, and is present on the LG G Flex2 as well. No details on the specifications have surfaced apart from the details of the screen.

While LG works on its dual edge P-OLED display smartphone there are rumors that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have curves on both side. Even there are rumors that Xiaomi is working on a Smartphone dubbed Xiaomi Arch with dual edge display.

You can see more images of the LG display prototype on Verge

Source : inews24
Image Source : Verge

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CES 2015 : LG Shows Off Dual-Edge P-OLED Display Smartphone CES 2015 : LG Shows Off Dual-Edge P-OLED Display Smartphone Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/08/2015 05:06:00 AM
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