Xiaomi Release Bluetooth-Enabled Game Controller

Xiaomi kicked off 2015 by launching Redmi 2s followed by its latest flagship Mi Note and Mi Note Pro alongside Mi Box Mini and Mi Headphones. Now the company has introduced an affordable Bluetooth-enabled Mi Game Controller at its gaming event in China.

The Mi Game Controller supports Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and can be paired with smartphone, tablets, TVs, Laptops and more. It sports a D-pad, analogue sticks, Y, X, A and B buttons, two shoulder buttons on either side and arrow keys. It is powered by 2xAa battery which delivers 80 hours of battery life. The controller has a working radius of 10 meters. The controller also comes with a timer that sends it into standby once it has been out of use for 5 minutes.

Reports indicate that the controller is compatible with Android OS, which is expected as it would have to fit into Xiaomi’s expanding Android-based eco-system.

The Mi Game Controller will be available in Black colour and will be priced at CNY 99 (Rs. 1000 ; $16) in China. There is no details on the availability of the gamepad.

Kaiser Bey
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Xiaomi Release Bluetooth-Enabled Game Controller Xiaomi Release Bluetooth-Enabled Game Controller Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/21/2015 04:43:00 PM
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