Google And Mattel Brings Virtual Reality To The Iconic 'View Master'

Search giant Google and toy giant Mattel unveiled the revamped version of the classic View Master device at New York Toy Fair.

View Master was first unveiled in 1939. It allows people to view slides to simulate a three-dimensional experience. It uses a thin cardboard disks containing seven stereoscopic 3-D pairs of small color photographs on film to project the images. View Masters early list of available reels were meant to be interesting to users of all age at first, currently View-Master reels are intended for kids.

The View Master will be compatible with Google Cardboard virtual reality platform. Now, instead of using cardboard frames to see images pop out, you can insert your smartphone into the plastic cover and when paired with the companion app you can choose from a host of viewing options.

The View Master will be paired with a smartphone app to provide "an imaginative and interactive learning environment,". Using the smartphone app, the gadget immerse kids in a slew of virtual worlds to experience a journey into space with tour inside a space shuttle and a chance to explore a destinations in 360 degress. Additionally there will be subject matter like historical video footage, photos and behind the scenes stuff.

The companies said that the Upgraded View Master will become "an immersive digital experience for kids"

The device will work with other Google Cardboard apps and will be compatible with iOS and Android.

The new cardboard powered View Master will be available in October at a price of around $30 (Rs. 2000) in US and will include one experience reel. Sett of three additional reels will also be available for $15 (Rs. 1000).

Kids, now you know what gift you want form Santa this Christmas.

Source : Forbes

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Google And Mattel Brings Virtual Reality To The Iconic 'View Master' Google And Mattel Brings Virtual Reality To The Iconic 'View Master' Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/14/2015 03:55:00 PM
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