Sachin Tendulkar Launch MRF’s "Ride along-Cricket Fan" App For World Cup

India's Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, launched MRF's Innovative Fan Engagement App for Cricket fans in India dubbed "Ride along-Cricket Fan". The app gives the fans of the India Cricket team a feel of watching the Match live as if they were present in the stadiums during the World Cup.

For cricket fanatics it has trivia, polls and quizzes, besides caricatures of cricketers. The game will be available for both Android and iOS platforms.

"While the last World Cup was in India, this time Indian fans will not get a chance to experience the action live. Most of them will be glued to the TV screens, MRF wanted to give these fans a chance to feel as if they were in a stadium. So we built the Ride Along Cricket Fan App”" said Koshy K. Varghese, executive vice president for marketing.

This app also gives 'fun-sharable' content during a live match that can be used by fans on Twitter or Facebook or any other platform they choose to converse on. With this app, users will get a true experience of a stadium in their living room. 

Description Of the "Ride along-Cricket Fan" App
The Ride Along with MRF app is the official MRF app that is created for fans of the Indian Cricket team to come together and show their support for the team, wherever they are.
The App is built for real time engagement during matches and otherwise. While the match is on, the app throws up many cards, where you can CLAP, SHOUT, PRAY, CELEBRATE and more with 1000s of other fans. Also, app users get a chance to test their cricketing acumen by answering Quiz questions, participating in Polls and reading interesting trivia. Plus, there is loads of fun with MEMES, Cricket Caricatures and Stickers, which gives a fan loads of interesting material to share with his/her friends.
And that's not all! It gives you LIVE SCORES, STANDINGS and SCHEDULES of all the tournaments Team India are a part of.

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Download Ride along-Cricket Fan : Android ; iOS

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Sachin Tendulkar Launch MRF’s "Ride along-Cricket Fan" App For World Cup Sachin Tendulkar Launch MRF’s "Ride along-Cricket Fan" App For World Cup Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/14/2015 04:45:00 PM
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