Huawei Announces LTE-Powered 4.5G SmartBand

At an event in London (Tuesday), Huawei unveiled its new wearable device called the 4.5G Smartband, the first to support 4.5G (LTE-M). Huawei's new smartband is expected to be launched at MWC 205, Barcelona, where the brand will unveil its latest devices.

Huawei said that the LTE-M chips was made by Neul, a startup that Huawei acquired. It also claims that the chips will make cellular IOT (internet of things) a reality in the near future. The device is said to deliver upto 1Gbps bandwith on mobile networks.

Huawei 4.5G smartband will be water and dust proof and will be able to track fitness levels and monitor heart rate. The smatrtband will feature 1.4-inch OLED display, NFC and Bluetooth.

Source : The Inquirer

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Huawei Announces LTE-Powered 4.5G SmartBand Huawei Announces LTE-Powered 4.5G SmartBand Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/25/2015 11:18:00 PM
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