Gucci and team up for luxury smart band

Gucci is teaming up with's brand to create a high-end wearable device that has a front facing camera and can make calls with its own 3G connection. It looks like a smartwatch but the company has opted to call it a Smartband.

The Smartband can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and emails, store and play music, display maps and track fitness. The smartband is controlled by voice command what Gucci calls a "Sophisticated personal assistant" called Anita similar to Cortana and Siri.It does not need to be paired with smartphone or tablet to work.

The smartband will probably be priced high. had a prototype of the Smartband that he was showing off. It looked quite large on his wrist. said in a statement " and Gucci Timepieces are setting the pace with our vision for a wearable technology. In developing together a device that is both fashionable and technologically advanced, we will create something that is unique in the marketplace. From the very start, I coined the term 'fashionology,' a merging of the worlds of fashion and technology, which is exactly what this collaboration with Gucci represents."

No other details and specification of the, smartband was revealed.

Source : Vogue

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Gucci and team up for luxury smart band Gucci and team up for luxury smart band Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/19/2015 11:35:00 PM
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