ARC Welder lets you run Android apps on Windows, Chrome OS, Mac and Linux

Last year in September Google launched the "App Runtime for Chrome" (ARC), project that allowed developers to test their Android apps on any chrome device. At that time it was limited to a small group of developers who got to work with Google to do so.

Initially there were only 4 apps available -Duolingo, a free language-learning app; Evernote, the popular note taking app; Sight Words, an app to help improve your child's reading skills, and Vine, for creating short and looping videos, and only for Chrome OS users.

Now, Google has announced its ARC Welder for anyone so that they can test and run apps on any machine with a Chrome browser. The new Chrome app packager allows Android apps to run on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

To test Android apps in Chrome browser, users will need three things - the Android APK for the app, Chrome browser on PC, Mac, Linux or Chromebook and the ARC Welder app. 

To get started users can download favorite apps on third-party hosting sites like Apkmirror or Racoon. To test the app users will have to open ARC Welder app on the Chrome browser, attach the APK file and launch the app.

Developers can upload their apps to Chrome's web store. "In ARC Welder, click Download ZIP. Upload your ZIP file to the Chrome Web Store. See Publishing Your App for more details," adds Google.

In Addition ARC now includes Google Play Services such as Maps, Location, or Google+ sign-in and other services. Unfortunately ARC does not include all Play Service, so some apps that require missing services will fail to run or crash. However the company has given some available API's to fix.

Download : ARC Welder

Source : Arstechnica

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ARC Welder lets you run Android apps on Windows, Chrome OS, Mac and Linux ARC Welder lets you run Android apps on Windows, Chrome OS, Mac and
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