Intel unveils new smaller RealSense camera for smartphones at IDF 2015

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled Intel's latest RealSense 3D camera for smartphones at Intel Developer's Forum (IDF) in Shenzen China.

Intel's new version of RealSense camera is smaller and thinner than the previous one and can now can be used in smartphones. It has longer detection range and a lower thermal output.

Krzanich showed off a 6-inch smartphone prototype that had Intel RealSense camera fitted in, but he did not demonstrate the actual working of the camera inside the phone, indicating that it is still at an early stage of development.

"The device which was shown on stage at the Intel Developer Forum was a prototype that was created in collaboration with a Chinese firm, whom we are not naming. The device is meant to show the different types of apps, usage models and form factors that RealSense tech can be integrated into and to encourage innovation." said a spokeswoman for Intel to BBC news.

Here are some other highlights from the IDF event

  • Intel first time demoed the Intel Atom x3 processor in a smartphone, supporting LTE-TDD connectivity. The chip will be shipped in second half of the year.
  • Expansion of Internet Of Things (IOT) sector with its upcoming Atom X3 processor codenamed 'SoFIA'.
  • Discussed road map with the addition of 3G and LTE processors for the IOT.
  • Announced that the Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron processors (code-named "Braswell"), the next-generation system-on-chip (SoC) based on Intel's 14nm process technology, are now shipping to Intel's customers for 2 in 1 devices, laptops, tower and miniature desktops, and all in one PCs.
  • Expand the program to include the Intel Atom x5 processor to help reduce customer' cost and time to market for Intel-based tablets.

Source : Intel Newsroom | Additional inputs from BBC 

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Intel unveils new smaller RealSense camera for smartphones at IDF 2015 Intel unveils new smaller RealSense camera for smartphones at IDF 2015 Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/08/2015 08:35:00 PM
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