HERE officially bids farewell to Nokia

Nokia has completed the $2.8 billion sale of its Here Mapping division to German automakers. Here announced that 6,500 employees has officially bid farewell to Nokia to bring all its global mapping and location technology under a new umbrella backed by Audi, BMW and Diamler AG.

Here powers the in-car navigation systems for a majority of vehicles on the road, using more than 80,000 sources of data captured by its 3D mapping cars and is enriched by billions of probe points which is generated by connected devices captured by the on-board sensor of internet connected vehicles.

Here announced it plans to expand its global mapping efforts. The company plans to collect automatized data from Audi, BMW and Diamler AG to enhance its real time maps. It will also be working on high-resolution real time maps for self driving. The company wants to be open source location platform accessible to all customer, with and outside automobile industry, who seek to leverage the power of location in their businesses.

The company also said that it is willing to work other automobile manufacturers on data gathering initiative, to quickly develop a map that would be needed for autonomous driving.


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HERE officially bids farewell to Nokia HERE officially bids farewell to Nokia Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/08/2015 10:19:00 PM
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