Samsung, BMW team up to develop intelligence for self-driving cars

Samsung recently announced that it will set up a new division of its business to focus on automotive market, particularly related to self-driving technologies. Now, according to a new report, Samsung will soon start work on self-driving car technology in partnership with other companies.

Business Korea reports that Samsung has teamed up with German auto maker BMW to develop intelligence for next generation self-driving cars. It is expected that more companies will team up for such partnership to accelerate the development of self-driving car technologies.

Samsung and BMW with Panasonic will jointly develop "intelligent assistants" for future self-driving cars. The intelligent assistants, which will be the brains behind the self-driving cars, will be able to recognize driver's voice and respond to driver's voice commands.

The three companies will join hands with speech recognition technology firm Nuance Communications to improve voice recognition. Nuance, is a US based company that was created Apple’s digital voice assistant Siri. 

The results might take time, but the collaboration will result in better system that will prove useful for the next generation of self-driving cars. In addition Samsung also announced that it will supply automotive semiconductors to Audi's next-generation of self-driving cars.

The latest developments comes after Samsung announced a new division of its business that will focus on self-driving technology and entertainment system. The newly established automotive division will create a team that will develop auto components focusing on various aspects related to the smart car including infotainment, autonomous driving and satellite navigation component.

Kaiser Bey
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Samsung, BMW team up to develop intelligence for self-driving cars Samsung, BMW team up to develop intelligence for self-driving cars Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/28/2015 11:22:00 PM
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