HTC unveils Vive Pre, second Developer Edition VR headset

HTC at CES 2016 introduced the Vive Pre, the second generation developer edition for its VR headset, the HTC Vive. 

The Vive Pre is built in partnership with Valve and gets new features and tweaks in the design hardware, including a front facing camera that can be used for augmented reality applications and not just virtual reality.

The Vive Pre comes with a smaller and compact headset, improved visuals with brighter display. The front facing camera will allow developers to blend physical elements into the virtual space which could be useful for training and education or for gaming.

The VR controllers have been enhanced with improved ergonomics and softer edges, improved balance, new textured button and grip pads for a more comfortable feel in the hand. The controller has a new dual stage trigger that makes interaction with objects smoother and haptic feed, to deliver vital feedback about your interactions with the virtual world. The controllers now have integrated rechargeable lithium polymer batteries with micro-USB charging that promises four hours of runtime on a single charge.

HTC also said that the Vive VR headset will launch commercially in April. The company will make additional 7000 Vive units available for developer.

Kaiser Bey
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HTC unveils Vive Pre, second Developer Edition VR headset HTC unveils Vive Pre, second Developer Edition VR headset Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/07/2016 04:24:00 PM
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