LeTV showcases Super Cycle, Le 3D Helmt, LeMe headphones in India

Chinese Internet company LeTV marked its arriveal in the Indian market by announcing a range of smart devices including Super Cycle, Le 3D Helmet VR headset and LeMe Bluetooth headphones. The company aims to cash in on the growing demand for smart gadgets in the country.

The LeTV Super Cycle in an internet-enabled bicycle that comes with several integrated sensor, to keep track of all the activity and aspect of your cycle. It collects health-related data, and pre-equipped with keyless and chainless anti-theft technology. There is also a fingerprint sensor as well. It also has built-in PTT walkie-talkie, Bluetooth and 3G communication module. The cycle is equipped with a 8400mAh battery with voltage stabilizer for automatic power generation.

The Le 3D Helmet comes with a 5.5-inch 2K LCD manufactured by Sharp with a 70° field of view. It comes with a USB Type C port to connect with your smartphone for MHL signal input for viewing videos and playing games. It supports 1080p videos at 60fps

Lastly, the LeMe Bluetooth Headphone offers a frequency response of up to 20GHz. The 195mAh battery charges in about two hours and promises 100 hours of music playback and 26.5 days of standby time. The Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity offers a range of 10 meters.

LeTV will provide more details on the pricing of the said products and other launches on January 20 event. There will be also two smartphone launches on the same day. The company is reportedly setting up an online portal to sell its products in India, similar to LeMall.com in China.


Kaiser Bey
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LeTV showcases Super Cycle, Le 3D Helmt, LeMe headphones in India LeTV showcases Super Cycle, Le 3D Helmt, LeMe headphones in India Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/09/2016 03:47:00 PM
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