Panasonic shows off transparent display

Panasonic  showcased a transparent display that fades to total transparency when not in use. In simple words, when it is on, it turns into a display and when off, it is a transparent glass. It can be mounted over shelving, completely obscuring the contents behind it when turned on.

At showcase in the Panasonic booth at CES, was a glass attached to shelf with various home decor behind it, which instantly turned into a display. The display on show was a thin LCD panel with adjustable dimensions. The display was not 100 percent transparent, but the Japanese tech giant says that they are getting there.

Reports suggest that the display has a slight tint when turned off, and engineers at Panasonic aims to get rid off. For now, the display cannot process resolution over 1080p.

There are no circuits inside the screen, but the wood beneath the glass is where all the technology is. The wood holds the micro LEDs that beams out the picture to the glass panel. For demo purpose, there was a music app which could be scrolled through using gestures. The display also showed weather forecast as well.
"Seamlessly blended into the decor, this transparent LCD display shows screens that change to suit moods. The display also can present high-resolution videos and function as a windowpane when not displaying content. It can be adjusted for optimal height when used as a display." said LG
CES 2016 has been quite promising in terms of display with new technology. LG showed off its foldable OLED display, which you can roll up like a paper. 


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