Facebook Messenger gets multiple account support on Android

A few days back Facebook started testing multiple account support for its Messenger app. Now the feature is available on the Messenger app for Android. The app now supports using multiple account on the same device, allowing users to manage more than one account within the app. Users will be now able to sign into or switch between the accounts easily.

The new feature is aimed at those who share their device with other family member or friends, so that they can log in using their account. The first time you switch from one account to another, a password will be required, and you can choose whether or not a password is needed the next time you switch. When you receive a new message notification from another account, the contents will be hidden until you switch to that account.  

How to add Multiple accounts
  • In the Messenger for Android settings, look for a section called ‘Accounts’.
  • Add the accounts related to each person – signing up with Messenger takes only a few steps, and you don’t need to be on Facebook.
  • The first time someone switches from another account on a phone to their account, we will require a password. After this, the user can choose whether to always require a password.
  • In just three steps, you can move between accounts, and your private messages will always remain just that – private. It’s as simple as that.
  • Of course if you want to stop sharing a phone, it’s simple to remove your account from that particular device.
Earlier this month, Facebook-owned Instagram also got multiple account support feature. 


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Facebook Messenger gets multiple account support on Android Facebook Messenger gets multiple account support on Android Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/20/2016 03:06:00 PM
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