VerveLife is a new line of wearable accessories from Motorola

Motorola has introduced a slew accessories under VerveLife branding that includes a portable camera called VerveCam, a waterproof GPS pet tracker called VerveRetrieve and six new headphones — VerveRider, VerveRider+, VerveOnes, VerveOnes+, VerveLoop, VerveLoop+.

“The new line of smart wearable video, audio and family products are targeted at those that aspire to live a healthy, active, social lifestyle, and keep connected like never before,” said Motorola.

The VerveCam is a an ultra portable HD video camera that offers 2.5K video recording at 30fps, 138-degree field of view and live video streaming to Hubble Cloud and YouTube via WiFi. The camera is IP67 rated making it waterproof for up to 30m and comes with a line of accessories that can be attached to the camera. It comes with a dedicated app for the smartphone that offers photo and video editing features and social sharing on multiple platforms.

The VerveRetrieve is a GPS pet tracker that comes with GPS and cellular connectivity so that you can keep track of your pet. It is UP67 rated for dust and water resistance and allows you to set up an invisible virtual fence that will alert you when your pet leave a particular area.The tracker will last long for three years, before it will need to be replaced.

The VerveRider and VerveRider + are collar wear style earbuds, offers 12 hours of battery life and have a built-in mic to make calls. The VerveRider+ is gets an additional feature — IP57 making it sweat and water resistance, and come with a carry case.

The VerveOnes and VerveOnes+ are wireless stereo earbuds that offer 12 hours of battery life and have an integrated dual microphones for clear voice calls. The VerveOnes comes with protective charging case, while the VerveOnes+ is IP57 rated for water and sweat resistance and comes in a sporty carry case.

The VerveLoop and VerveLoop+ are wireless Bluetooth-enabled earphones, but the two earbuds are connected to each other via wire, offers an integrated mic to take calls on the go, and are IPX7 rated for water and dust resistance. The VerveLoop offers 6 hours of battery like while the VerveLoop+ offers 12 hours battery life.

All of the VerveLife products connect to compatible devices (Android and iOS) via the Hubble app. They will be showcased at MWC 2016, Barcelona that begins on February 22.

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VerveLife is a new line of wearable accessories from Motorola VerveLife is a new line of wearable accessories from Motorola Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/19/2016 04:51:00 AM
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