Microsoft Windows 10 Maps app gets better search and driving interface

Microsoft has pushed a major update to its Windows 10 Maps with new features and improvement offering users with better search and driving interface.

Users will now be able to see multiple search results on the same map, follow redesigned turn-by-turn instructions when driving, and see favourite spots offline, among other changes. Users will also be able to view restaurants and hotels in the same app.

The update to the Windows 10 Maps app will be available to Insiders first, and is likely to be made available before March 29, as that is the day when HERE will be withdrawing support of its Map app from Windows platform. 

Check out the new features available on the Windows 10 Maps app:
  • Labels have been added for search results directly on the map instead of referencing numbers on the search list. You can now see the name of each place directly on the map
  • Improved algorithm to offer nearby and better markets search results
  • You can now minimize search results, directions, and location info to enjoy more of the map.
  • Added search to 3D cities so you no longer have to scroll to find the city you’re looking for.
  • Favorites are now available offline so you can truly enjoy your offline maps and take advantage of all the places you have saved. You can also add notes to your favorites to keep track of things you want to remember about that place.
  • When Cortana is enabled, you will receive turn-by-turn directions in Cortana’s voice, currently supported for English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Simplified Chinese (China), French (France), Italian (Italy), German (Germany) and Spanish (Spain).
  • Easier for you to follow your public transit route and know when it’s time to get off the bus with updated turn-by-turn instructions.
  • Improvements to the UI of turn-by-turn instructions to improve glanceability and the layout in landscape mode.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Maps app gets better search and driving interface Microsoft Windows 10 Maps app gets better search and driving interface Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/20/2016 05:45:00 PM
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