Microsoft reportedly to launch three Surface Phones by early 2017

Last year, several report indicated that Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone, which was expected to see the light of day in second half of this year. Now Windows Central reports that Microsoft has pushed the time frame for the release of Surface Phone to  early 2017. The reason behind the delay is now known.

The report adds that the Surface Phone will have three variants, each aimed at different type of user including consumer, business and prosumer/enthusiast. The features of these phones will be based on various price points. Processors, internal storage, and other features are also part of the differentiation.

The details on the specs is still not know, although it is being rumored that Intel is part of Surface Phone project and the phone could use Intel's x86 chipsets. The report also claims that Continuum will be a major feature on the Surface Phones, which will push the PC experience on the phone to a whole new level.

The Surface Phone is being built by the same Microsoft engineering team behind the Surface tablet and Surface Book, which is led by Panos Panay. Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet and Surface Book has been we received by consumers, but the Redmond giant is still struggling in the mobile market with market share of just three percent.

The report also mentions that Microsoft has pulled back development of its Lumia line-up including product cancellations (For instance, the Lumia 830 which appeared in various leaks) in favor of Surface phones. If the report is true, than there won't be any new Lumia handsets after the Lumia 650 in the market. This does not mean that Microsoft is giving up on Windows 10 Mobile based handset, as Microsoft is encouraging its OEM partners to get on board with Windows 10 Mobile.

Kaiser Bey
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Microsoft reportedly to launch three Surface Phones by early 2017 Microsoft reportedly to launch three Surface Phones by early 2017 Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/06/2016 07:51:00 PM
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