Google's answer to Amazon's Echo is code-named 'Chirp'

Earlier this year in March, a report claimed the Google is working on its own personal assistant hub, similar to Amazon Echo. Now according to Re/Code, Google's standalone device is internally code-named as 'Chirp' and will be integrated with 'Ok Google' voice search.

Much like Amazon Echo, Chirp will be able to respond to voice commands, answer question and perform tasks like turn on music and more. The report adds that Google's Amazon Echo competitor will look like its OnHub wireless router in terms of design and looks.

The report also says that Google will not announce Chirp at Google I/O 2016, but will be released later this year.

For those unaware, Amazon Echo is a voice enabled assistant that acts as a smart-hub for your home. It has a built-in speaker and mic, and can listen and respond to voice commands. It also offers with day-to-day tasks like setting reminders and alarms, playing music, weather forecast and so on.

Kaiser Bey
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Google's answer to Amazon's Echo is code-named 'Chirp' Google's answer to Amazon's Echo is code-named 'Chirp' Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/13/2016 06:37:00 PM
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