Microsoft HoloLens full specifications detailed

Microsoft's HoloLens is a augmented reality headset that lets you interact with high-definition holograms within an environment such as living room and office space. It is powered by Windows Holographic software, but little is known of the hardware inside.

Now, the full hardware specification of the HoloLens have been revealed online courtesy of Windows Central. The publication ran system info tool AIDA64 to find out what is inside the $3000 headset, and here is the complete list.

OS: Microsoft Windows 10.0.11802.1033 (32-bit)
CPU: Intel Atom x5-Z8100 1.04 GHz; Intel Airmont (14nm); 4 Logical Processors; 64-bit capable
GPU/HPU: HoloLens Graphics
GPU Vendor ID: 8086h (Intel)
Dedicated Video Memory: 114MB
Shared System Memory: 980MB
Storage: 64GB (54.09 GB available)
App Memory Usage Limit: 900MB
Battery: 16.5Wh
Photo camera: 2.4-megapixel (2048x1152 pixels)
Video camera: 1.1-megapixel (1408x792 pixels) at 30fps
Video Speed: 30fps

Notably, the HoloLens is running on Intel x5-Z8100 processor based on Airmont architecture and runs at 1.04GHz, which is used by low-cost tablets and notebooks. The CPU is 64-bit capable, while the operating system on-board is 32-bit. The report also mentions that the 16.5Wh battery can keep the device running for 2 hours.

While the hardware inside is of a low-end laptop except for the battery, most of the $3000 cost is absorbed by the large number of sensors, holographic lenses and light engines on-board which includes- 
Custom-built Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU 1.0)
See-through holographic lenses (waveguides)
2 HD 16:9 light engines
4 environment understanding cameras
1 depth camera
1 2MP photo / HD video camera
Mixed reality capture
4 microphones
1 ambient light sensor
The Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition is currently available for purchase for $3000. 

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Microsoft HoloLens full specifications detailed Microsoft HoloLens full specifications detailed Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/04/2016 05:00:00 PM
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