Google search will now show song lyrics

Search giant Google has signed a deal with Toronto based LyricFind to source and show lyrics in search results and in Google's Music app. To get lyrics of a song, all you need to do is search for the name of song followed by 'lyrics' on Google's search engine. In addition to the song lyrics, the result will also display a list of alternative results of songs with the same name by other artists.

The search result will also have a link attached to the song, which will take you to Google Play, where you can buy and listen the song.  

The new deal will not only help users to find lyrics, but is also said to benefit music publishers and songwriters. Darryl Ballantyne CEO of LyricFind said that the deal could generate millions in revenue for artists and royalties will be paid to them based on the number of time a lyrics is viewed.

Google by integrating lyrics to search result will certainly kill traffic to lyrics website, especially those who do so without licenses. The feature is now available in the U.S and will soon roll out globally, as its partnership includes international licenses as well.


Kaiser Bey
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Google search will now show song lyrics Google search will now show song lyrics Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/28/2016 10:31:00 PM
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