This is what HTC Nexus Sailfish, Marlin will look like

We already know that HTC is making two Nexus devices for Google. The two Nexus phones code-named Sailfish and Marlin have already have their possible specs leaked courtesy of Android Police. Now the same source has outed the first phone, which shows what the HTC Nexus devices will look like.

Android Police notes that the image is not official, but a mock-up created based on evidence from a reliable source. As per the image, both Sailfish and Marlin have the same design, but differ only by size. As per earlier reports, Sailfish will have 5-inch screen, while Marlin have a bigger 5.5-inch.

The Nexus devices will sport aluminum bodies with curved corners, and have a glass or plastic pane in the back. Android Police claims that the phone will come in multiple color including a silver aluminum body with a white face, black, and electric blue.

At the back there is a non-protruding main camera module, speaker holes and a round fingerprint scanner. Interesting a 'G' logo is present at the back instead of Nexus and manufacturer branding. It is not known if the final design will include the HTC and Nexus logo. On the front there's a single earpiece speaker, front-facing camera, a small sensor cluster.

That's all. Check out the specs of HTC Nexus Sailfish and Marlin here and here. The 2016 Nexus phone are expected to be announced later this year in October alongside Android Nougat.

Kaiser Bey
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This is what HTC Nexus Sailfish, Marlin will look like This is what HTC Nexus Sailfish, Marlin will look like Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/06/2016 05:27:00 PM
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