Microsoft teases Surface Book 2 hinge on Instagram

Microsoft will add new products to its Surface lineup this fall or Spring 2017, and the new Surface devices include Surface Book 2, Surface All-in-One (AIO) PC and Surface Phone. Now the company has teased the Surface Book 2 on their official Surface Instagram page. 

Windows Central reports that the teaser is a shot for Microsoft's internal 'sizzler' video to demonstrate concept designs for the for the upcoming Surface Book 2. The report also mentions that the video has been shown within Microsoft's various departments and meeting starting in July.

The teaser shows a new hinge design for the Surface Book 2. Earlier reports have suggested that the Surface Book 2 will have a new hinge design, to minimize the gap when closed. The reworked design has fewer ridges, when compared to Surface Book.

This will allow the laptop screen to sit flush with the keyboard. The current Surface Book has a gap due to dynamic fulcrum hinge, that lets the display detach from the keyboard. 

The Surface Book was criticized for its hinge design, and the teaser confirms that Microsoft has reworked on the design.


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Microsoft teases Surface Book 2 hinge on Instagram Microsoft teases Surface Book 2 hinge on Instagram Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/29/2016 04:36:00 PM
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