'Fingerprint Gestures' app brings Pixel's gesture feature to Android devices

The new Google Pixel phone's rear-mounted fingerprint scanner comes with a feature called fingerprint gesture, which is exclusive to them. This feature gives users the ability to swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to control the navigation drawer

Now a new app called Fingerprint Gestures brings Pixel's fingerprint's gesture controls to other Android devices.

The app replicates the gesture functions and allows users to customize fingerprint gestures in three different ways to launch an app: single tap, double tap or fast tap (swipe). They can also control the ringer mode, play/pause music or view recently opened apps.

If you're phone is rooted, you can perform additional actions like scrolling and activating sleep mode. It's worth noting that the Fingerprint Gestures app is compatible with devices running Android Marshmallow or higher. 

Each gestures correspond to the following actions
Back button
Home button
Recent apps
Sleep (root required)
Power button menu
Scroll down (root required)
Scroll up (root required)
Open notification panel
Toggle notification panel
Open quick settings
Play/pause song
Next song
Previous song
Launch an app
Toggle ringer mode
Toggle split-screen (in Nougat)

The app details in the Play Store mentions that, a fingerprint sensor is supported if the device manufacturer implemented Google’s fingerprint API on their devices. According to Android Police, the gesture features works well with Nexus 5X.

Kaiser Bey
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'Fingerprint Gestures' app brings Pixel's gesture feature to Android devices 'Fingerprint Gestures' app brings Pixel's gesture feature to Android
devices Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/14/2016 10:01:00 PM
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