OnePlus 4 with Snapdragon 830 reportedly launching in mid-2017

Multiple reports in the past couple of weeks have been suggesting that OnePlus will launch an upgraded model of OnePlus 3 soon called OnePlus 3T with Snapdragon 821 processor. Now the rumor mill has started buzzing about next year's flagship killer the OnePlus 4.

A new rumor coming out of Twitter-like Chinese social media Weibo has revealed a few details regarding OnePlus 4. The post claims that OnePlus 4 will be launched in June or July next year. OnePlus had also launched OnePlus 3 in June this year.

The post further mentions that the phone will be powered by Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 830 processor, which is expected to be produced by Samsung's chip-making division using the new 10nm process.

As per earlier reports Snapdragon 830 processor on the OnePlus 4 will be clocked at 3GHz, paired with Adreno 560 GPU. This is slightly slower than the rumored 2.3GHz clock speed of the SD-830 processor. Other features mentioned include Android 7.0 Nougat, 8GB RAM and 4000mAh battery.

Note that these are just speculations, so take the news with a pinch of salt. However, since OnePlus positions its phones as flagship killer, the OnePlus 4 is likely to boast top end specifications including the Snapdragon 830 processor. 


Kaiser Bey
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OnePlus 4 with Snapdragon 830 reportedly launching in mid-2017 OnePlus 4 with Snapdragon 830 reportedly launching in mid-2017 Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/03/2016 04:04:00 PM
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