Xiaomi outs Mi Air Purifier Pro and Mi PM 2.5 Detector in China

China based Xiaomi has expanded its range of air purifiers with the Mi Air Purifier Pro. This is Xiaomi's third air purifier and measures 260mm x 735mm, slightly larger than the Mi Purifier 2, and gets major upgrade as well.

The Mi Air Purifier Pro is the company's first air purifier to sport a display. It features an OLED display which shows the real-time air quality and working conditions. It packs ambient light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness itself according to the time of the day. The screen also has a circular LED ring around it which changes color from green, yellow to red based on the air quality of the surroundings.

The new air purifier has a newly designed flow path and pressurized system, which gives it up to 500m/g particles clean air distribution rate (CADR) and purifying performance improvement of 61 percent.

Similar to its predecessor, the Mi Purifier Pro has humidity and temperature sensors, but it also gets a new laser particle sensor which can accurately detect particles up to 0.3μm diameter. Moreover it can cover up to 60 meter of indoor area as compared to 37 square meters in previous Mi Purifiers.

The air purifier can be controlled via Mi Home app, and within the app, users can create schedules to power on/off, switch to night mode and more from your smartphone or tablet over WiFi connectivity.

Xiaomi also introduced a small cubodial air quality monitoring accessory called Mi PM 2.5 Detector. It features an OLED display and high-precision laser sensor, which can detect particles of up to 0.3μm diameter. It indicates the air quality in green, orange and red colors, on the upper part of the display through a horizontal line. It is fueled by 750mAh battery, which promises three hours of battery life, and also works as a companion accessory for Xiaomi's Mi Air Purifier or Mi Air Purifier 2.

The Mi Air Purifier Pro and Mi PM 2.5 are priced at CNY 1499 ($221 | Rs. 15,000) and CNY 399 ($60 | Rs. 4,000) and will be available in China starting November 11.

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Xiaomi outs Mi Air Purifier Pro and Mi PM 2.5 Detector in China Xiaomi outs Mi Air Purifier Pro and Mi PM 2.5 Detector in China Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/03/2016 06:17:00 PM
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