LG G6 Will Be Available Earlier Than Expected, Rumours Roundup

For LG Electronics, this year has been an unsuccessful one. The reputed smartphone manufacturer has failed miserably in generating sales. The company has tried everything, introduced new technologies like modular smartphones, provide large discounts for popular phones and even gave away costly accessories. But none of them helped in generating sales. LG even failed in taking the advantage of the misfortune of it's major contender Samsung. 

Learning from the failures, the brand is planning something big in 2017. As a part of that, the long awaited LG G6 will be available about a month earlier than expected, a South Korean technology blog reports. This move would likely ensure that LG gets it's own market space with the G6, before rivals such as Samsung, come up with their own flagships.

lg g6 design

Besides the news about the early launch of G6, there are also rumours about the design of the device. A rumour earlier this year claimed that LG would be ditching the metal build material next year for a glass one. We had earlier suggested that LG G6 would adopt MST technology for their mobile payments system, which was indeed confirmed by a report. And as we had reported earlier, the LG G6 will be ditching the modular design, but just like the Note 7, it will be sporting an iris scanner. A latest report shows that the G6 would possess the similar design of G5. Despite all rumours we can hope that the company will consider the users complaint on the non premium look of G5. 

Final leaks suggests that the G6 will be about 149.4mm long, 72.4mm wide and the G6 will be thinner as compared to it's predecessor. A leaked cutout of device's rear side shows that LG is up for the competition with two rear cameras. Listening to all these rumours we don't know how the G6 will look like, but we can certainly hope for a better flagship from LG than the G5. 

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LG G6 Will Be Available Earlier Than Expected, Rumours Roundup LG G6 Will Be Available Earlier Than Expected, Rumours Roundup Reviewed by Unknown on 12/28/2016 06:00:00 AM
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