Here Is How You Can Download The Last CyanogenMod Nightlies & Snapshots For Your Device

CyanogenMod breathed it's last on Christmas. With the death of CyanogenMod, CyanogenMod breathed it's last on Christmas. However with the disrupture of the greatest Android community project ever taken up, all the nightly and the snapshot builds were taken down as well. However some Redditors were quick enough to grab hold of most of the nightlies and snapshot builds available on CM's website back then. Keeping up with Reddit's spirit of helping and sharing, they have now uploaded those builds for helping their fellow members of the Android community.

If one will take a look at CM's download website, it appears to be intact at the moment with all the nightly and snapshot builds listed as per the various devices. The screenshot above shows the same. However, if you will go on to download any of the ROM builds, you will get the following error:

The above error is caused by the absence of Jenkins server of CyanogenMod, which had been taken away by Cyanogen Inc on Christmas. You thus won't be able to download any CM builds from the official CM website. Even the download repository of CyanogenMod will be taken down within the next few days.

However in case you would like to download the nightly builds of any device, please click here. The link will take you to an page where all the uploaded nightly builds can be found. These even include nighlies of December 25, the day CM went dead. Out of the 402 nightlies that had been uploaded at the time of writing this, some nightlies are even there from CM 7, CM 9 and CM 10. Nightlies are also available for CM 11, 12, 13 and 14.1 versions. This just goes on to highlight the amount of efforts the Reddit community has undertaken in bringing all this together. 

Snapshot builds are the most stable builds of CyanogenMod. These are the builds which developers recommend to be used as daily drivers. The snapshots uploaded on range from CM 10.2 to CM 13. Please note that since the first build of CyanogenMod 14.1 was released only a month back, not all the bugs could have been fixed and thus there was no snapshot release for CM 14.1. If your device had a snapshot build in either CM 10.2, 11, 12, 12.1 or 13, you might be able to find a copy of the ROM build here. Although most of the snapshots are available, some of them might have been missed out.

If you prefer to use a torrent client to process your downloads, then you can avail that facility as well. You can grab the .torrent file from the above links. Make sure that at the time of downloading you uncheck the ROM builds you don't want to download.

It's not just the ROM builds which Redditors have managed to restore. In fact, they have even been able to restore most of the contents of the following CM websites:


Cheers Redditors!

Lastly, it's not just the community of Redditors who have helped in getting all the CM builds up. The ROM builds are being hosted on, the Internet Archive. The hosting is being provided for free by the generous folks at So in case you wish to support, please consider making a small donation to by clicking here.

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Here Is How You Can Download The Last CyanogenMod Nightlies & Snapshots For Your Device Here Is How You Can Download The Last CyanogenMod Nightlies & Snapshots For Your Device Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 12/28/2016 10:00:00 AM
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