Instagram Is Getting Ready With 'Multi-Photo Album' For All

Well, hey there Instagram! Back into the headlines. Its been a long time that this app was out of the limelight and right now, with the version 10.7.0, it has a reason to capture the attention of the internet. You must have seen many business accounts posting a series of images in a single post to advertise there products or stuff related. The same functionality is now on a verge to get into the hands for all.


The feature is called Multi-Photo Album which will allow all the users of the app to upload multiple images into a single post. We have tested this feature and it seems like the server that works on posting the images isn't active yet so it's safe to say that the feature is at the final stage of testing as all other steps till the posting stage can be done easily in the version 10.7.0 and the above shots depicts the process. 

The steps are very simple, you just need to tap and hold on one of the image and then you're good to go and select mutiple images for your post. The good thing is that you can apply filters for each image separately and then, the further process is as simple as posting regular image, just fill in the caption and not to forget the #whatever :D 

You need to be on the latest version of the app for the feature. Not to mention, there should be an official announcement soon for the same feature and then, the posting process should be working normally.

Rajat Kapoor
Rajat Kapoor is a self confessed tech geek. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, he is currently pursuing MCA and prefers Android over iOS. You will see his articles here and we do hope that you find them useful and informational.
Instagram Is Getting Ready With 'Multi-Photo Album' For All Instagram Is Getting Ready With 'Multi-Photo Album' For All Reviewed by Rajat Kapoor on 2/01/2017 11:28:00 PM
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