Motorola launching an Amazon Alexa Moto Mod

One of the most impressive features of Motorola's flagship Z smartphone lineup is the modular design (aka Moto Mods). Now, the mod portfolio is growing faster than ever with a lot of new accessories announced at MWC 2017. In this post we will take a look at the Amazon Alexa Moto Mod concept.

Let's start off with explaining what this mod really is. The accessory is basically a large case with an integrated Harmann speaker and a built-in Amazon Alexa module. To use the module, the user places the phone screen down on a flat surface. The concept is definitely quite strange and the mod would probably require disconnecting when not being used taking into account its size and bulkiness. Nevertheless, the idea seems quite good and I can definitely see many users liking this Mod. 

Apart from this Alexa Mod, Motorola also announced a few other upcoming accessories like a wireless charging pad, a battery module, and a game pad. The direction that Motorola is going in with their mods is definitely good and I am looking forward to seeing more interesting accessories.

What are your thoughts on the Alexa Mod? Would you use it or do you prefer the original speaker from Amazon? Let us now in the comments.

Patryk Michalik
Patryk is a self confessed tech enthusiast. Currently a student, Patryk has a great interest in UI design, Android modding, and custom ROMs.
Motorola launching an Amazon Alexa Moto Mod Motorola launching an Amazon Alexa Moto Mod Reviewed by Patryk Michalik on 2/27/2017 10:38:00 PM
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