OPPO introduces world's first 5X Dual Camera Zoom technology

At the 2016 edition of MWC, Chinese device maker Oppo introduced SmartSensor, which it claimed the world's smallest OIS (optical image stabilizer), along with Super VOOC fast charging technology. Now one year later at this year's MWC, Oppo has introduced a new camera technology called 5X Dual Camera Zoom tech for smartphones, which it claims to be the world's first periscope style dual-camera technology. 

The new 5X Dual Camera technology uses a unique periscope-style setup to divert  lights through prism into a telephoto lens at a 90 degree angle. As a result it is able to achieve lossless 5X zoom, when within the periscope by shifting the light's natural path. The module is 5.7mm thick, and Oppo claims phones utilizing the new camera module will not have camera bump.

According to Oppo the new technology offers a precision of 0.0025-degrees and 40 percent improved OIS, allowing for precise tuning. As the zoom rises, slight vibration can have effects on the photo, but thanks to the new camera technology, the photos snapped even at full 5X zoom will remain clear and sharper. 

Oppo also said that it took over a year in developing the new technology, and it packs more than 50 parts that has been stacked inside the 5.7mm module. Currently it is not known, when the new camera technology will be available in mainstream smartphones, but it will most likely debut with Oppo's camera-centric R and F series devices later this year.

Kaiser Bey
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OPPO introduces world's first 5X Dual Camera Zoom technology OPPO introduces world's first 5X Dual Camera Zoom technology Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/27/2017 09:54:00 PM
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