Samsung launches the first 10nm Exynos 9 series processor

Samsung Launches the Exynos 9 Series 8895 Octa-Core Processor on 10nm FinFET Process Technology

Samsung has just unveiled the Exynos 8895 processor which is the first chip from the Exynos 9 family. It is faster, more efficient and, from what we know, it could be making its way to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

The standout feature of the new processor is the new 10nm technology which, compared to the previous 14nm, increases performance by about 27% while reducing power consumption by a staggering 40%. The 8-core processor consists of four of Samsung's own cores and four Cortex A-53 cores. 

On the graphic side of things, the Exynos 8895 is rocking a Mali-G71 GPU which focuses on improving the video playback and recording experience. The unit operates video in 4K at up to 120fps thanks to its multi-format codec. There is also support for the newest codecs like HEVC (H.265), H.264 and VP9

Additionally, the new SoC supports cameras with a resolution of up to 28 MP and comes with a vision processing unit as well as a unit for mobile payments and the figerprint and iris scanner. Samsung has also integrated a gigabit LTE modem which supports 5CA and promises 1 Gbps downloads and 150 Mbps uploads. 

While there is no official word on whether the new processor will be included in the Samsung Galaxy S8, it seems quite probable for this to happen meaning that we might have just received quite a bit of info about the upcoming flagship smartphone.

Kailash Sudhakar
An engineering undergrad student who loves all things tech. He has a soft spot for Android.
Samsung launches the first 10nm Exynos 9 series processor Samsung launches the first 10nm Exynos 9 series processor Reviewed by Unknown on 2/24/2017 12:54:00 AM
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