Google Won't Roll Out Assistant To Tablets & Low End Android Phones

Google had introduced it's own virtual AI, Google Assistant, with the Pixel phones and Google Home. Google had later on made Assistant available to all devices running Marshmallow and Nougat. However, not all Marshmallow and Nougat users have gotten their hands on Assistant.

Post Google's announcement that Assistant will be made available to Marshmallow and Nougat users, I got excited and waited for Assistant to make it's way to my Android One first generation device. My wait turned from days into weeks, but Assistant was no where to be seen. I followed a lot of tutorials which could increase one's chances of getting Assistant quickly, but they proved to be fruitless too, even though the same guide worked for a bunch of my friends. Disappointed, I decided to scrounge for answers. I went to Google Assistant's website in hopes of getting my queries sorted out. As I was reading through the website, I found a note in a small sized and light coloured font at the end of the main page. The note read as follows:

This was it. I had my answers, my device wasn't eligible for the update. My device's RAM was lesser than 1.5GB and it's resolution wasn't 720p (or more) either. If you have been trying to find answers just like me, I hope I was able to help you out. If your device doesn't have more than 1.5GB RAM and a HD (720p) or higher resolution, you won't be getting Assistant. Anyway, if you still intend to get Assistant on your Android smartphone running Marshmallow or Nougat, you can always rely upon Xposed modules like Android N-ify and Assistant Enabler or make some tweaks to the build.prop file. Root access is required for enabling Assistant for both the methods - Xposed and build.prop tweaks. Xposed isn't available for Nougat as of now, thus for Android Nougat, you will have to make changes to the build.prop file.

Google has also confirmed to Android Police in a statement that Assistant won't be rolled out to tablets too. Google's statement read as follows

The Assistant will be available on Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones with Google Play Services, this does not include tablets.

Thus, if you own a tablet, you won't be getting Assistant. Sorry folks!

Krittin Kalra
Krittin Kalra is a 20 year old Android freak. Striving for passions, chasing down his dreams and living a life without regrets is his sole mantra. A bit moody, he also does custom ROM reviews for AndroGuider. Currently pursuing his B.Tech, he aspires to follow his heart.
Google Won't Roll Out Assistant To Tablets & Low End Android Phones Google Won't Roll Out Assistant To Tablets & Low End Android Phones Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 3/17/2017 01:37:00 AM
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