Google Earth upgraded with guided tours, 3D View and more

Google is refreshing Google Earth for Android and web with a number of new features to make it more social and interactive. The search giant has worked on the new features for over two years.

First up, the revamped Google Earth comes with a feature called Voyager, which is basically a interactive guided tours created by world's leading storytellers, scientists and nonprofits. Voyager has a total of 50 immersive stories, and more will be added in the coming weeks.

Some of the Voyager tours include Natural Treasures from BBC earth for interactive contents on islands, mountains, jungles and more. Google has also teamed up with Sesame Street for the Voyager feature. You can zoom in on different locations from the show and learn more.

There's a "I m feeling lucky" feature, that takes you to one of 20,000 random destination that were curated by Google; and a 3D button that will let you explore new places in any angle. Google has also added knowledge graph, which means when you search for any place, you'll see a Knowledge Card, that gives major facts and information about the location and shows more photos as well.

Lastly, you can also share a "Postcard" of the location  your currently viewing with your friends and family, and they will get to see the exact same view as well.

The new features are now available for Google Chrome desktop and will be available later this week on Android. It will also be rolled out to iOS devices in the coming months.

Kaiser Bey
Kaiser is a tech enthusiast who likes to write, read and talk about tech. He dreams of going to Mars and never come back. We hope that you find his posts on AndroGuider helpful and informative
Google Earth upgraded with guided tours, 3D View and more Google Earth upgraded with guided tours, 3D View and more Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/18/2017 09:26:00 PM
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