Google Assistant comes to iOS

Google is bringing its artificial intelligence-driven, voice-controlled digital assistant, Google Assistant to iPhone to take on Siri. The announcement was made at Google's I/O 2017. It also said that Google Assistant is now being used in over 100 million Android devices globally.

While Apple already has Siri as personal assistant on its device, Google's Assistant might challenge it to some extent, giving iOS users an additional choice for digital assistant. However, since Google Assistant will not have native integration on iOS device, the performance will not be exactly similar to that on the Android devices. This is due to API restrictions. And since you can't remap the Home button from Siri to Google Assistant, you will have a add a widget to access it.

Due to these limitations it is unlikely that Google's Assistant will replace Siri, and Siri will remain the first digital assistant option for iPhone users. 

Google Assistant is available as a separate app from the App Store. To use Google Assistant on iPhone, open the app and log-in to your Google account. Then tap on the center button to give the Assistant voice commands, like play music, ask for weather updates, set reminders and more.


Kaiser Bey
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Google Assistant comes to iOS Google Assistant comes to iOS Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/18/2017 03:31:00 PM
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